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We like small dwellings. We like people. We like creating small spaces for people who are interested in maximizing their property potential, creating community and saving Energy.

Our ADU Services include:

→ Designing, Constructing, Consulting

→ Home Performance, Energy Certifications & Sustainability Advising

→ Permit Assistance

→ Landscape integration

We specialize in space efficient design, alternative construction, metal & living roofing, energy conservation, process assistance, maximizing rebates and creating beautiful places to dwell.

Check out this video from the Oregon DEQ that defines and gives great info about Accessory Dwelling Units.

What exactly is an ADU, you may ask?

→ An ADU is an abbreviation for what city planners refer to as “Accessory Dwelling Units”. Essentially, an ADU is an additional permitted, livable, accessory dwelling on the same property as an existing single-family home (either attached or detached).

→ You may have heard of some more informal or historic terms like: Mother-in-law suite, Granny flat, backyard bungalow, laneway house, alley apartment, carriage house, multi-generational unit, in-law units, basement apartment and the list goes on.

→ ADU’s are great for a variety of things like earning extra rental income (from renting it out or downsizing and renting out your main house), living quarters for a caregiver, aging parents or college students, guest house, or simply extending your living space.

→ ADU’s can be built over garages, in attics, in basements or they can stand alone on their own foundation on your property.

→ Tiny Houses can be considered an ADU if they are on a permanent foundation hooked up to traditional utility services. However, a Tiny House on Wheels does not constitute an ADU, legally speaking. Contact us if you are unsure about if a Tiny House or ADU would be better for your property.


Also, check out this great article from The NY Times on ADUs in Portland.

And accessorydwellings.org is a great site for more info!

Please take a look at some of our featured ADU projects below:

ADU Interior
ADU Interior-14
ADU Interior-2
ADU Interior-11
ADU Interior-12


A Typical Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Build


This is an Accessory Dwelling Unit formed in a 1926 NE Portland basement.  The 600 square foot space includes a kitchen, bathroom, living room, two bedrooms and a shared laundry space in the stairwell landing. Strict soundproofing and energy efficient measures were utilized throughout.  Three egress windows were installed as well as three additional windows to allow for ample light and emergency accessibility. Mechanical additions include an ERV for optimal fresh air ventilation, a natural gas burning stove and hydronic heating. To read a great article about this build, click here

Quick Facts

MATERIALS: Vintage kitchenette, concrete floors, gas fireplace
COOL FEATURE: Is soundproof and all created from an unfinished basement
PRICE: $100,000
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Attic Interior-10
Attic Interior-11
Attic Interior-5
Attic Interior-12
Attic Interior-9


A Typical Small Space Renovation


A dark, dingy, un-insulated attic space was transformed into a bright, inviting and functional addition to this turn of the century home.  Windows and skylights were added for optimal cross ventilation and light.  Spray foam insulation was used to minimize the heat transfer from the black roof above and to keep it warm during the colder months.

Quick Facts

MATERIALS: Finished plywood, spray foam insulation, reclaimed cedar
COOL FEATURE: The “ships ladder” staircase is one solid unit
PRICE: $25,000
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