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10% Small House

90% Big Life

tiny homes:

Helpful steps towards going Tiny:

1Dream and Plan

Identify your wants and needs w/ PAD Tiny Houses and here

Analyze your belongings–if you had to put all of your belongings in 12x15x24 boxes how many would it take? What do you need to get rid of to fit your most beloved items in your future Tiny House? Check out Lina’s story here

Think about if an Accessory Dwelling or Tiny House is a better fit for you. Explore sites like accessorydwellings.org to learn more about ADU’s

Examine your finances and source funding:

Tiny House Loans: Tiny House Lending is the easiest, fastest way to find a Tiny House Loan!


Tiny House Talk: Introducing Tiny House Loans

Tiny House Lending

USAA.com: RV Bank Loans

RV FInancing Tips

2Connect with Others

Tour a Tiny House in person–or better yet, stay in one on AirBnb or at Caravan The Tiny House Hotel

See what you like and don’t like: PAD Tiny Houses-How To Visit A Tiny House

Hear about others’ mistakes and successes

Attend a Tiny House Workshop or Class

If you are building your own, help with other builds in your area

Join a network on Facebook and hear when others are building in your area (like: Tiny House Pro’s or Portland Tiny Houses)

Check out some seasoned Tiny House Dwellers:

Tammy & Logan

Chris & Malissa Tack

Naj Haus

Dee Williams

Jay Schafer

3Watch a Tiny House Film

and do your research and then do some more

4Ponder some key questions

Where am I going to park it? Tiny House Parking and How to Move a Tiny House

How am I going to deal with waste?

What sort of utilities do I want to use?

How will I get insurance?

Can I live in such close quarters with… myself, my pet(s), my partner, my family?

How will I host guests?

What sort of neighbors do I want?

Who is going to build it–myself, my friends, or a builder?

A builder? How to Choose A Tiny House Builder

Myself? A few resources: Go House Go Book and The Tiny Life Store

5Think about possibilities!



Income producing options


More time, resources, money to spend doing things you love

Get outside more

Less cleaning and maintenance

Opportunity to build community

Reduce your footprint

Less debt, bigger life

Keep only what you need or love

Prioritize your life

Influencing consumer culture


Live in a work of art–affordably

6Contact Us and Go Tiny!